Explane health inequalities in britain essays


United States despite its economic boom in last two decades had rather widened the gap between rich and poor. Arber and Gilbert, OHN Barton and Bloor state that there is evidence that the teenage pregnancy rate is higher among lower socio-economic groups, with poor educational attainment.


What has intensified in recent days is the awareness on gender justice. OHN An explanation for high depression among the working classes may be that they are more likely to like in deprived areas with high unemployment and the unemployed often loose social ties from work.

Removing inequalities from Pakistan would eventually push each government department into action for a holistic collaboration among them.

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Three essays on health inequalities

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. The medical model focuses on the treatment and cure of disease and not on the cause or prevention Eldin, G, Infant mortality rates in social class V are double, those in social class 1. Many people live below the poverty line and can not access or afford the health care system.

Poor educational achievement and teenage pregnancy are also closely linked. Human rights issues, which affect women in particular, play a vital role in maintaining peace and prosperity of a just society.

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Outline and Explain the Inequalities in Health and Illness According to Social Class

Members of a class tend to marry within their own order, but the values of society permit them to marry up or down. It is known that Black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi children all perform less well at school. Marxists and Weberians generally agree, despite the claims of other sociologists such functionalists, new right theorists and postmodernists, that there remain substantial inequalities between different social classes.

Women are predominantly the occupiers of part time work, which is known to have lower levels of pay and poorer conditions. Lockwood used Weberian concepts such as market, work and status situation in his study of clerks to argue that, while wages for this group had begun to drop below that of skilled manual labourers, their market position in terms of job security, promotion prospects and benefits still gave them an advantaged position.

And the occurrence of fires in the home is fifteen times higher again for lower socio-economic groups. The Lancet; Members of this class include single parents and ethnic minorities, but Runciman argued that it was not their status that placed them in this class but their reliance on state benefits.

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Gender influence is another factor for health inequalities and mortality. For example OHN notes that in the infant mortality rate in the Eastern region was around one fifth less than the average for England at 4. Higher proportions of pupils in the south of England gained five or more passes at GCSE than in the northeast.

It has been said that higher the socioeconomic status SESbetter the health. Health inequalities exist in many societies and mostly reflect inequalities between social and ethnic/racial groups.

This dissertation consists of three independent studies of health inequalities. Each study examines a different source of inequality and focuses on a particular health outcome. Inequalities in health not only exist between countries or regions.

Even within the country health inequalities exist. A study in the Scottish city of Glasgow found that life expectancy of men in one of the most deprived area was 54 years while that most affluent area was 82 years (Hanlon, Walsh & Whytecited in CSDH ).

of this essay is to firstly give an overview of the existence of inequalities of health related to ethnicity, by providing some evidence that ethnic inequality in health is a reality in the society and include definitions of keywords. HEALTH INEQUALITIES (ESSAY) By admin Studies carried out in Great Britain among the civil servants suggested that those who worked as grade 32 civil servants had better life expectancy than the grade 31 civil servants, who had better life expectancy than grade 30 workers (Navarro, ).

Inequality, health and the economy. The Lancet. This is because health care provision is not the same across the country. The inner city areas have fewer health care facilities and qualified doctors.

This results in below par health amenities and further health and illness inequalities. Another theory looks at the gender bias as the cause for health inequalities. / UK National Health Service law / Public Health and Wellbeing Essay on Social Class Health Inequalities.

by Amber McKinney.

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Share. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) The health inequalities found in the differing social classes are astronomical. In fact, research reveals that members of lower socioeconomic classes .

Explane health inequalities in britain essays
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